Pulp Fiction: Ryan’s Movie Reviews #1

Hello and welcome to Ryan’s Movie Reviews!

I’ll be reviewing Quentin Tarantino’s cult classic, Pulp Fiction. Released in 1994, Pulp Fiction is the 2nd movie written and directed by Tarantino. This film put Tarantino on the map and cemented him as one of the greatest directors of our time. It stars Samuel L Jackson, John Travolta, Uma Thurman, Bruce Willis, Harvey Keitel and more famous faces. In true Tarantino fashion, there are many storylines and non-chronological storytelling.

Personally, Pulp Fiction is my all-time favourite movie. Samuel L Jackson portrays Jules Winnfield, in what I believe is his most memorable role to date, and executed the role perfectly. Winnfield is a hitman for Marsellus Wallace (played by Ving Rhames), and works with Vincent Vega. John Travolta plays Vega, who is also a hitman and the brother of Vic Vega (a Reservoir Dogs character, played by Michael Madsen). The chemistry between Jules and Vincent is fantastic, as there is an element of friendship mixed in with professionality that suits the tone of the movie wonderfully. Uma Thurman takes the role of Mia Wallace, wife of Marsellus Wallace. I like the way Thurman plays Mia as she executes the role of a gang boss’s wife beautifully, particularly in the Jack Rabbit Slim’s scene.

Music in Tarantino movies are always amazing, and Pulp Fiction is no exception. From ‘Miserlou’ in the opening crawl to ‘Let’s Stay Together’ in a scene transition, the film is incomplete without the soundtrack.

One of the best things about Pulp Fiction for me is the direction by Tarantino. Every scene and frame is a work of art. Tarantino plays around with new camera angles which really helps to set the tone of a scene. The story is sleek and smart, and the way it is told through the non-chronological storyline is one of the best things about the film. It’s dialogue is easily one of the best out of all the movies I’ve seen, as it’s both superbly written and superbly executed.

Out of everything, the best part of Pulp Fiction for me is Samuel L Jackson reciting the notorious ‘Ezekiel 25:17’ Bible scripture, especially in Brett’s apartment. The tone of Jackson’s voice, the timing and pronunciation of every syllable and the camera work all blended together produces one of my favourite scenes in Cinema history.

Pulp Fiction earns itself a respectable 9.4/10 rating from myself, as it a movie that’s so always interesting, enjoyable and all round good fun to watch no matter how times you (re)watch it. Hats off to you Mr Tarantino, for this is a true masterpiece.

Thank you for reading the first of Ryan’s Movie Reviews. I will be publishing a new review here every Tuesday. Stay tuned for more reviews coming soon. If you have any suggestions for movies I should review, let me know!

Once again, thanks for reading, and join me next week for a review of one of my favourite movies from 2017!

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