Men in Black: Ryan’s Movie Reviews #11

Hello and welcome to Ryan’s Movie Reviews! Sorry for the late post up of this weeks review. I was in Dartmoor on a practice Duke of Edinburgh Gold expedition, but I am back with a review of a sci-fi classic!

If you follow movie news as heavily as I do, you may have heard of the new Men in Black spinoff/reboot that would reunite Thor and Valkyrie. Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson have both signed up to bust aliens in the latest reboot.  With that, I decided to review the original from 1997.

From director Barry Sonnenfeld and starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, Men in Black tells the story of a secret government agency that protects Earth from intergalactic threats. Smith and Jones team up to take down an intergalactic terrorist who poses a threat to Earth.

Men in Black is certainly one of my favourite space-related movies, purely because of how enjoyable it was to watch. It brought something new and interesting to the cinematic table and made to be an amazing movie. I found the that my favourite characters were both protagonists. Tommy Lee Jones played Agent K, a long time serving Men in Black agent who is tasked with recruiting and training a new agent for the organisation. Jones played the character with a serious and kind of rough and tough attitude, that was perfect for Kay’s character. Will Smith played the new recruit, Agent J. Smith was perfect for this role, as he played Jay with a cocky yet cool-boy attitude. Smith also brought a comedic element to the film that made it more enjoyable. Together Jay and Kay will team up to take down Edgar, a human who basically transforms into a giant cockroach who can shoot cockroaches out of his hands. Vincent D’Onofrio took on the character of Edgar and I think he’s quite under-rated for this role. He was fantastic and played the character awesomely. It would have better if Linda Fiorentino had more role, as she just seemed like a damsel in distress who the Men in Black had encountered previously.

I can really say only 2 things about the music in Men in Black. First off, the main theme is perfectly suited to the film. It has a sci-fi and dramatic element that is absolutely spot-on for this film. Secondly, Will Smith’s ‘Men in Black’ rap is awesome. For someone who’s an 80’s/90’s music fan, I found myself humming this song weeks after watching the film.

I did find Men in Black slow in places and just a little boring too. It’s a very easy idea of a space buddy cop comedy/drama with the classic cliché of 2 partners, the oldie and new recruit, who are opposites and don’t get on too well to start off with but make a great team. I personally feel it’s been done so many times and a twist or a new take on the whole buddy cop idea is needed in Hollywood. That being said, the intergalactic element in Men in Black was good fun and Men in Black is certainly on the better side of buddy cop comedy/drama films.

One of my favourite scenes from Men in Black is the test scene. When Jay is taking the test with other, more recruitable candidates and awkwardly drags the table to himself, I found myself in fits of laughter. I also liked the scenes in the morgue as they were pretty funny to me. Admittedly, most of the comedy came from Will Smith and I applaud him for that. He has always been funny in everything I’ve seen him in; the man is a comedic genius!

Overall, Men in Black gets a 7.1/10 from me. It was a great and entertaining film but followed the clichés of buddy cop movies and was a little boring in places for me.

Thanks for reading week 11 of Ryan’s Movie Reviews. I realise this week’s review isn’t as long as others, but I didn’t really have much to say about Men in Black. I am opening up a poll on @Ryans.Movie.Reviews (on Instagram) as soon as this post goes up, so you 24 hours to vote for next weeks review! Follow my WordPress to be the first to read my reviews and follow my Instagram (@Ryans.Movie.Reviews) and Twitter (@RyanReviewsFilm) where I’ll be posting the latest movie news and where you can vote for what I review next.

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