Coming to America: Ryan’s Movie Reviews #17

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We’ve all seen movies that aren’t bad but aren’t the best film ever too. We enjoy them because, while they may not amazing, they can still be somewhat entertaining. Films like this to me are Passengers and this week’s review of 1988’s ‘Coming to America’.

Starring Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall, Coming to America tells the story of Prince Akeem, prince of a wealthy African country. Akeem’s parents try to him set up with a wife of their choice. Akeem wishes to find a woman who loves him for who he is, not because of his title. He travels with his best friend, Semmi, to New York in search of someone who loves Akeem for who he is. You know, the kinda cliché story but with Eddie Murphy and a bit more humour.

The first time I saw Coming to America, I had myself dying of laughter. It was so funny and entertaining. However, I found that as I rewatched it, the comedy still made me laugh but the film itself made me a little bored in some places. Eddie Murphy plays Prince Akeem, and it’s evident that Murphy has a blast playing this character. He is suited to the role and plays out the comedy well too. I did find that his accent for Akeem did seem to swing between too American and too African, which was a little irritating  (the best American doing an African accent consistently throughout a film goes to Chadwick Boseman in Black Panther). Arsenio Hall played Semmi, Akeem’s sidekick on his travel to the Big Apple. Personally, I loved his character. He was entertaining and didn’t really overdo anything, which was great! I love James Earl Jones and Madge Sinclair as the King and Queen of Zamunda. Jones was a perfect father figure, and his voice was perfect. Fun fact, they voiced Mufasa and Sarabi in the Lion King after this. Shari Headley played Lisa, the daughter of the McDowell’s owner, who Akeem is pursuing. She was a good character who was fun in places. My favourite characters were Semmi and Samuel L Jackson’s character who tried to rob the McDowells. Though he wasn’t a main character, he was funny and I love Jackson in most of his work.

This film certainly had comedy, but I felt that it was a little too much in some places. The story of someone who doesn’t want to marry someone that their parents want, so they go off to find their dream spouse and end up living happily ever after is a little cliché in my opinion. Coming to America adds comedy and a little twist on this, but still falls down this hole. It’s a good and enjoyable film but is boring and a little dull at points. As I said in my introduction, it’s not a terrible film, but neither is it the best film ever. It’s fun and entertaining.

There were a couple of scenes that I liked, like the ‘good morning my neighbours’ scene, where Akeem shouts ‘good morning my neighbours!’ from his hotel room to be yelled back the response of ‘hey, f**k you’ from a friendly New Yorker. I also thought Akeem and Semmi’s arrival into the States was pretty funny too. The ‘bark like a dog’ part was good too. But the funniest scene goes to Akeem and Semmi trying to find a girl at the club. It was hilarious to me!

Overall, Coming to America gets a solid 7/10 from me. It was funny and entertaining but I was bored and a lost interest in a few places. Paramount announced at this years CinemaCon that Coming to America 2 was in production and could be hitting our screens soon, so I’m looking forward to that.

Thanks for reading this week’s review. Follow on Instagram for the latest movie news and my WordPress to be the first to read my reviews. I’m seeing Deadpool 2 tomorrow and cannot wait. I’m more hyped for this than I was for Infinity War. It’s said to be better than the first, funnier and more violent, but I guess time will tell.

Once again, thanks for reading this week’s review. Join me next week when I review the sequel to a popular horror/love story film. See you then!

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