Black Mirror – White Christmas: Ryan’s Movie Reviews #55

Hello and welcome to Ryan’s Movie Reviews!

As we approach the most festive time of the year, it’s only fair to review festive films and televisions shows. As mentioned before, I love Black Mirror; it has everything. Interesting characters, weird storylines, dark twist of technology, what more could you want? With these in mind, I rewatched White Christmas, the most festive Black Mirror episode to review it for in time for Christmas.

Starring Jon Hamm and Rafe Spall, White Christmas sees two men stationed at a snowy outpost, forced to live with each other. After 5 years of living quietly together, on Christmas Day, they finally spark a proper conversation, telling the story of where they’ve come from. In true Black Mirror fashion, technological twists and shocks ensue.

Jon Hamm was so perfect to play Matthew, as his friendly, inviting look is the perfect ploy to hide a sinister character beneath. Few actors have the ability to have this natural deceptive face and voice, and Jon Hamm is arguably the best at this. His performance as Matthew in White Christmas was nothing short of captivating and fantastic, whilst also helping to enhance the brilliance of this episode. Rafe Spall played Joe, the quieter of the two who’d been arguably more affected by his past. While I much preferred Hamm’s acting in this, Spall’s acting was still amazing. You could tell Joe was traumatised from the past and Spall’s performance here was excellent.


Joe (left) and Matthew (right) finally get to know each other

The soundtrack to this episode was composed by Jon Opstad, and the music was fairly good. By this, I mean that there have been better soundtracks for Black Mirror such as in Striking Vipers, and with this the music, while complimenting the episode, could’ve been better and didn’t really stand out for me. The only standout music moment for me was the ending, with Wizzard’s ‘I wish it could be Christmas everyday’ playing as the Joe is kept in the time-loop of 1000 years per minute as the camera continually zooms out of the snow globe.

The plot was creative for Black Mirror, and I liked how there were a number of twists, particularly with the use of interesting technology, such as the egg-pods and the contact lenses that can block people. The way everything played out was commendable, as it all came together neatly in a captivating string of events that kept me engrossed throughout majority of the episode.

Overall, White Christmas gets an 8.6/10 from me. It carried itself strongly throughout, and combined brilliant acting, weird technology, unpredictable twists and a thought-provoking storyline to produce what may, in fact, be the best Black Mirror episode of them all.

Thanks for reading this review. Stay tuned for a wrap up of the decade’s best coming in the next couple of weeks. See you then!

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