Ready Player One: Ryan’s Movie Reviews #13

Hello and welcome to Ryan’s Movie Reviews! Just as a heads up, this review may contain a few spoilers, but shouldn’t ruin the entire movie for you.

I frequently go to the movies with friends, but when my friend Khushal suggested that we go see Ready Player One, it didn’t sound like much to me. After watching the trailers and seeing that it was from Steven Spielberg, I found myself drawn to the film. I saw the film last week with Khushal, Nick and Josh and we loved it! Here is my review of it.

From the winner of Empire’s Legend of our Lifetime award, Steven Spielberg and author Ernest Cline comes Ready Player One. In 2045, the reality is a bore and people dislike their lives. To escape reality, people go to the OASIS, a virtual reality universe where you are free to do whatever you want. You also gain coins for completing various activities, but once killed in the game you will lose everything and have to start again. When the creator of the game (James Halliday) dies, he leaves 3 challenges (known as Anorak’s Quest) for all players, and winning each challenge will give you a different key. Once you obtain the Copper, Jade and Crystal keys, you will win Anorak’s Quest and inherit $500 billion and complete control of the OASIS. It’s a race against time and all other players to win Anorak’s Quest. Wade Watts, or Parzival as he’s known in the Oasis, is one of the competitors, wishing to escape life in the slum-like stacks. The film focuses around him and his friends trying to win Anorak’s Quest while IOI (Innovative Online Industries), a company who manufactures most of the equipment used in the OASIS, competes to win the ownership of the game.

Spielberg’s direction was great, and Ready Player One will go down as one of his greats. It was classic Spielberg that made me entertained throughout the film. Our protagonist of Wade Watts was played by Tye Sheridan. Sheridan was amazing as Parzival as he captured the fun of the gaming and brought it to life in a wonderful way. Olivia Cooke took on the role of Art3mis, or Samantha, a pro-gamer and leader of the rebellion against IOI. Cooke was good and played Art3mis awesomely. The antagonist of Sorrento, the CEO of IOI, was played by Ben Mendelsohn and I thought he was perfect for the villain in Ready Player One. We’ve seen him as the villain in Rogue One, and Mendelsohn was great then, and great here. He is accompanied by Hannah John-Kamen’s F’Nale. F’Nale was a decent character, but I personally would have liked to have seen more of her. She was introduced as part of the bad guys, but only served to go against what Sorrento wanted. Art3mis and Parzival are not alone in their attack against IOI. They join forces with Aech or Helen in real life. Lena Waithe was great as Aech as she was so fun and interesting for her role. Mark Rylance played James Halliday or Anorak, and he was pretty cool. For Halliday, he had the perfect mumbling tone, and he also had the perfect godlike voice for Anorak. Simon Pegg played Ogden Morrow and another character who if I mention is a spoiler, but Pegg was great as Ogden and his voiceover for the other mystery character was something that I loved! T.J. Miller voiced I-R0K, a bounty hunter hired by IOI to kill Parzival to stop him from getting the keys. I thought he was perfect for the role and was hilarious. My three favourite characters were Wade Watts (Parzival), as Sheridan was perfect for the role of a hero (aside from Cyclops in X-Men) and portrayed the character in a fun way, Samantha (Art3mis), mainly because Cooke executed the role perfectly and suited the role, and finally I-R0K as his seriousness character mixed with the nerdy yet jokey tone was fantastic.

The music is easily one of the best parts of Ready Player One! From the Van Halen to New Order, I loved the music in this film. My only criticism is that there should have been more of it. It was like all the good music was used in the first half of the film, then we had two great songs at the end, but that was it. It would have been nice to have the awesome 80’s music flowing throughout the film.


Aech, Parzival and Art3mis inside Aech’s workshop, with an Iron Giant leg in the background.

The story was great. Though some things were changed from the book (which I’m currently reading), the film portrayed the story well. I liked the opening, as it introduced the plot and story well and kept me hooked. I did find it slow moving in places, but something else bothered me a little more. I found it just so plot convenient that everyone that Parzival needed and met on the OASIS that just happened to be in Columbus, Ohio, in a close proximity to one another. How amazing would it have been if Daito and Sho were in Tokyo, Parzival in Ohio and everyone else spread out across the world? I would have loved that! Imagine it, like Aech in France or something helping Parzival execute his plan while he’s trying to help Art3mis out with something while she’s in London or New York. That would be incredible!

Now on to my favourite parts and this will contain spoilers, so be prepared! Firstly, the Easter Eggs in this film were so cool and actually made the film a little more enjoyable, though I found myself a little too distracted at times trying to spot them. From obvious ones, like the Iron Giant, King Kong, Chucky and Halo soldiers to subtle ones that I spotted like Hello Kitty in the background, Marvin the Martian entering the OASIS and Freddy Krueger getting killed by Aech in a game. My favourite Easter Eggs were the Back to the Future Easter Eggs. We had the Zemeckis cube, Parzival driving the DeLorean and even a Mayor Goldie Wilson poster in the background! One YouTube channel found over 300 Easter Eggs! I loved the opening as it emphasised how everyone was sucked into the OASIS and all its possibilities with little exposition. The race to the first key was awesome, I had such a thrilling time watching it both forwards and backwards. The scene of Art3mis and Parzival meeting the Distracted Globe was entertaining too. First off, because of the music. New Order and BeeGees? Yes please! Secondly it was really good fun to watch. The end battle with all OASIS players storming the IOI headquarters in the game was fun to watch too, as there were so many Easter Eggs here, it was a great action scene and Twisted Sisters ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’ was so perfect for this scene which made even more enjoyable. I also loved the scene where Wade regenerates because of the quarter. It was a neat nod to how a quarter could bring you back to life in arcade games and it was an excellent revelation from an earlier scene. The animation throughout the film was gorgeous, and the music was awesome too.

Ready Player One gets an 8.2/10 from me. It may have been slow and could have used more music, but I found that the more I thought about this film the more I wanted to see it again! I reckon that Ready Player One will go down as one of Spielberg’s greats. I urge you to watch this as it is Spielberg at his finest and is an amazing and entertaining experience in cinemas. Don’t wait for it to come out on Netflix or whatever, Ready Player One deserves to be seen on the big screen.

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