Crazy, Stupid, Love: Ryan’s Movie Reviews #49

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One of the biggest genres in Hollywood is romantic movies. Every year, a fair few romantic movies are huge successes, like A Star is Born, Crazy Rich Asians and To All The Boys I Loved Before. One film that did quite well in its year of release – and was one I watched recently and enjoyed – was 2011’s Crazy, Stupid, Love. Seeing as it’s Valentine’s Day today (or was when I published this), this is my review for Crazy, Stupid, Love.

Directed by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa (who have also co-directed other movies such as Focus and I Love You Phillip Morris) and with a star-studded cast including Steve Carell, Julianne Moore, Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, is Crazy, Stupid, Love. Cal Weaver’s perfect life comes crashing down when his wife, Emily reveals that she wants a divorce and has been unfaithful to him. Naturally, this is a shock to Cal and he begins to drown his sorrows at a bar he’s always passed but never been to. There, he meets Jacob Palmer, a suave playboy who will teach him how to get back in the crazy game that is love.

Steve Carell played Cal Weaver. I’m currently mid-way through The Office US so it’s hard to not picture him as Michael Scott. Nevertheless, Cal was easily the best character in the film for me. Carell is such a talented actor and his ability shone in this film. He brought humour and heart in a good blend. Julianne Moore played Cal’s significant other, Emily Weaver. She was a good character but was a bit bland and flat in some areas. Moore, like Carell, is a brilliant actress but I felt that her true acting potential was not reached in this film. Jacob Palmer, the smooth playboy who helps get Cal back in the game, was played by Ryan Gosling. His character was basically a less-funnier, cinematic version of Barney Stinson. As much as I like Gosling as an actor, I was in two minds about his character. He was a likeable character who was fun to watch Gosling play on screen, but I couldn’t help but feel that Gosling could have maybe put something more into Jacob’s character. Jacob’s love interest was Hannah, played by Emma Stone. She is revealed to be Cal and Emily’s oldest child. Stone evidently enjoyed playing Hannah, but there could have been a bit more of her character and, if there was, the film would have been better. I felt that the chemistry between characters was strongly acted out between all characters, so despite the individual character flaws, the actors all worked harmoniously together which actually helped to make the movie better.


Crazy Stupid Love

Jacob coaches Cal how to woo a woman.


The music was sweet and well suited to the tone of the film at parts, but was also quite irritating and just seemed to consistently play in the background of the film nonstop. It was a nice little instrumental piece but it just seemed to always be there, despite it not always suiting the mood of the film. The worst thing about the music in Crazy, Stupid, Love was that even after something big or dramatic or important to the story had happened, it would just jollily continue in the back without much regard for what had just happened.

The storyline was quite straightforward, but it could have been executed better. The story was definitely there, but it seemed that the run time for it was too short. The film tried to cram a happy ending into the last half hour, and it kind of worked but still was a bit messy in places.

Overall, Crazy, Stupid, Love gets a 7.2/10. It was a good film that I enjoyed watching and, despite its flaws, still made for a sweet and nice story that was entertaining to watch.

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The Big Sick: Ryan’s Movie Reviews #4

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I could relate to Kumail Nanjiani’s latest hit, ‘The Big Sick’. I’ve seen a few examples in real life where an Indian or Pakistani person I knew was unable to go out with someone of their choice due to family and traditional reasons. This film publicised the issue, but with a somewhat comedic element.

Starring Kumail Nanjiani (as himself), Zoe Kazan, Holly Hunter and Ray Romano, The Big Sick looks at Kumail, a Pakistani-American comedian living in Chicago. He meets Emily Gardener and they get together, but his family life interferes and they break up. Emily then comes down with an illness which leaves her in a coma. Kumail finds himself developing a bond with her parents while she’s in the coma. She wakes up and her feelings for him are the same, where she thinks he’s an ‘asshole’. I can’t say much more or we’d be entering spoilers-ville.

Kumail Nanjiani was awesome, and I guess acting out something that you have personally experienced was good. The jokes he delivered were amusing, but I’ll get to what I thought of the comedy later. I liked Holly Hunter and Ray Romano as Beth and Terry Gardener (Emily’s parents). They portrayed the concerned parents who were going through a couple issues quite well. However, I personally thought that their acting could have been a bit more varied. Particularly for Romano, but both characters seemed very monotone and stuck in one mood. Zoe Kazan was perfectly suited to the character of Emily. She had range and though she was hospitalised for some of her role, the parts where she acted were superb. I particularly liked the way that she ended the film, by relating it back to the beginning, but with a bit more humour. That combined with the twist ending (again, I won’t reveal it, but that may give it away. Oops!) was fantastic!


Lovebirds ❤️

I am personally not a massive fan of love movies, but there was a lot of press surrounding this film so I thought I’d check it out. From what I saw of its TV adverts and YouTube trailers, The Big Sick was advertised as more of a comedy. I didn’t really find it as funny as I expected. The scene of Beth yelling in the comedy club while Kumail tried to calm it all down was pretty funny, as was the 9/11 conversation in the hospital. I can see that there were moments that attempted to make the audience laugh, but failed to make me do so. I enjoyed watching the relationship between Emily and Kumail develop, and there were points where I felt like I was part of the emotional rollercoaster. I did feel that the chemistry and bonding between Nanjiani and Emily’s parents were quite awkward. You must hand it to Kumail, as his determination both in the film and in real life, did pay off. The chemistry between Kumail and Emily is convincing and good fun to watch.

One of my favourite scenes was Beth’s freak out at the comedy club, as that was a hilarious part of the film that lived up to the comedic expectation I had for it. I also loved the ending. It was sweet and a little twist that I was not expecting. I honestly don’t know what much else to say about The Big Sick. It was an interesting and fun film but I expected more from it. I thought I’d laugh a little more and sympathise with the characters more too. That being said, it was still enjoyable.

I’m going to give The Big Sick 7.1/10. It was entertaining to watch but I personally found it lacking in a few places. One of the things that I didn’t like, and I completely understand that this may have been unavoidable and that life can be a little cliché and it was based on a true story, but I found it a little too cliché in some places. If you’re looking to watch The Big Sick, it’s currently available on Amazon Prime Movies.

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