The Shining: Ryan’s Movie Reviews #37

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Seeing as it’s Halloween soon, I thought I’d review a horror movie. If you know me in real life, you’ll know I hate horror movies. I don’t see the point. Why pay money to be scared? When it comes to horror movies, I’m out. However, there’s no point reviewing movies if you avoid one genre. So I put my hate of horror aside and watched one of the most notorious and classic horror movies, The Shining. Here is my review of it.

Based on Stephen King’s novel and from director Stanley Kubrick is The Shining. Writer Jack Torrance becomes a winter caretaker at the Overlook Hotel in an attempt to get over his writer’s block and moves in with his family. There, his son, Danny experiences demonic visions. While Jack’s still stuck in writer’s block, Danny’s visions only become more disturbing. Jack begins to explore the hotel and uncovers more of its dark secrets, causing him to go down the path of insanity and leading him to terrorise his family.

Jack Nicholson played Jack Torrance, the normal-turned-psychotic author. The Shining is easily Nicholson’s famous role. His acting in this film was brilliant, as you can see the slight but eventual slip into insanity. Nicholson captures the true essence of a disturbed, murderous man and his portrayal of this is not only iconic but also what makes The Shining so good. Danny Lloyd played Danny Torrance, Jack’s son who experiences the telepathic ability of ‘shining’, where someone who can shine is able to telepathically communicate with others and also see into the past and future. Danny Lloyd played Danny when he was six/seven years old, and for such a young actor performing in this role, he did such a brilliant and commendable job. Lloyd made the film more engaging and allowed the viewer to connect with his character, experiencing fear and horror just as he did. Shelley Duvall played Wendy Torrance, Jack’s wife. Wendy experiences her husbands slip into insanity first hand and the way Duvall depicts this on the big screen is wonderfully done. I felt her performance was lacking in a few areas, but generally, I liked what she did with Wendy’s character.


Another classic scene from cinematic history, the Grady twins in the hotel corridor.

The music was absolutely brilliant. It was hauntingly beautiful and chilling, adding to the eerieness of the movie. The best scene for music is when Jack escapes from the pantry and hacking his way through the hotel on a murderous rampage against his family. The music is at a spine-chilling theme which is almost in sync with your heart rate and BAM! Jack bursts through the bathroom door in the iconic ‘Here’s Johnny!’ scene. True movie magic from a brilliant actor.

The Shining has become one of the most iconic movies of all time. It’s because it takes something so simple and does rely on an ancient backstory of some sort to create a story. All you need is a family, a hotel, winter and just a brief summary of the ability to shine. From there, just have some brilliant acting, some surprising twists and turns and create an atmosphere that leaves people on the edge of their seats and that’s how you make a great horror movie. The Shining has all of this but was one of the first horror movies that actually earned a name for itself. From the bloody elevator to Room 237, not forgetting the twins, The Shining uses chilling music combined with an uneasy silence to scare viewers in a way that is unforgettable and sticks with them for life.

For someone who’s a hater of horror movies, The Shining was a good film and gets an 8.2/10 from me. It doesn’t play into the typical field of having killer clowns and creepy toys with jump scares to frighten the audience. It’s a psychological horror, that constantly plays with your mind through music and the uncertainty of what could happen next.

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